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Taxidermy & Replicas - Specialising in Skin Mounts, Cast Heads and Carvings

As a keen fisherman and hunter, and an experienced carver, I have made a study of fish over the years. Through the taxidermy process it is possible for me to recreate your ‘catch of a lifetime’ that is symmetrical and anatomically correct, and that will last for years. My challenge is to recreate nature and this is no easy task but with modern methods and techniques, it can be achieved.


My work is known within both the North and South Islands of New Zealand and has been exported to USA, Japan, UK, Australia and Malaysia to name but a few. As a member of the NZ Taxidermy Association, I have entered yearly competitions and have done extremely well in both the Professional and Masters Divisions. I have also entered the World Taxidermy and Fish Carving Competitions in USA; receiving a First Place and Best of Category with a rainbow trout fish carving.

All work involved is undertaken within our workshop, this includes taxidermy, casting, wood work, carving, mounting and finishing. As each fish is specially tailored to your requirements, the turn around time is 6-8 months depending on the complexity of your job.


I can customise the mounting behind the fish to suit you – see examples in the Photo Gallery. Fish can be mounted on metal brackets, driftwood, oval or rectangle boards, stained and lacquered finish or teak oiled. We cater for the overseas fisherman by freighting around the world.

We can arrange the whole process from crating-up, obtaining Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries Certification, arranging shipping documentation and dispatch.

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